Rustic Hickory Log Home Furniture

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Yester Days Furniture is pleased to announce our New Shoppe
American Wildwood Gallery is Now Open

Thursday, Friday and Saturday 10 am-4 pm

Showcasing our Signature Heirloom Hickory Lodge Furniture,
Promoting Indiana artisans (Many from Brown County),
Featuring fine American-made Gifts and Accessories.

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rustic hickory home accessories

rustic hickory style furniture

Rustic Hickory Furniture

By YesterDays Furniture

Rustic Log Cabin Furniture

Custom Hickory Beds, Tables, Chairs, Lamps, Dressers, and Lodge Accents. All individually handcrafted by YesterDays Furniture.

rustic hickory home accessories

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Our custom signature Forked-back Hickory Chair.

Different seat options available….


(Please call for pricing)

ADDITIONAL Hickory Chairs

hickory dining chair

rustic log cabin accents

Our best friend Spencer's very favorite furniture grouping... handcrafted hickory pub table and hickory spoke-back bar stools with easy-to-care-for fabric.
(Please call for pricing)


hickory barstools

rustic home accessories

hickory table Perfect in any setting
Our 24” round Accent Table.
(Please call for pricing)

rustic hickory chairs

“Northern Lodge Custom Hickory Desk”
with Birch bark & Hickory twig details.
Let YesterDays design and custom-build
one for your home, cabin, cottage!
hickory desk

rustic hickory beds

hickory queen bed Hickory Beds in twin,
full, king, or queen.

Individual headboards also available.

Additional Hickory Log Home Bed Photos

(Please call for prices)

rustic hickory tables, chairs

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rustic hickory log cabin furniture

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